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With many years of experience, MPC Couriers are one of the UK’s most trusted fragile items courier services. We have the ability to fulfil the collection, delivery and shipping of your fragile goods within the same day without risk of damage to your item.

We understand the challenges involved with transporting delicate and fragile items and the necessity to ensure that your fragile goods are delivered quickly and without damage.

Whatever your fragile goods delivery requirements, day or night, our team of delivery couriers will ensure that you have your goods delivered to where they need to be safely, securely and in the same condition they were when collected.

Fragile Item Courier Service Specialists

The fragile items delivery process starts with a conversation. Call us and let us know about your fragile goods and MPC Couriers will assess and evaluate your delivery requirements and take the necessary steps to ensure one of the UK’s most careful deliveries.

Whether it’s a one-off or a regular, scheduled delivery of fragile goods, MPC Couriers offer both the security of our experience and some of the best prices on offer in the UK.

  • Our courier service can collect from your home or work
  • You can choose a convenient hour slot for the courier to visit and collect
  • We are capable of carrying heavy and large fragile items, if required
  • Every collection comes with full tracking all the way through to delivery
  • For your complete peace of mind, protection cover is available
fragile items courier service | MPC Couriers

Experienced Fragile Goods Couriers

Whenever you need your fragile goods delivered to in the UK, MPC Couriers can provide you with the UK’s best and most secure fragile items delivery service.

From London to Birmingham, Glasgow to Newcastle or Manchester to Cardiff, MPC Couriers have you covered.

Within just 60 minutes of your enquiry, our experienced couriers will collect your goods and guarantee to deliver them on the same day. Our fragile items courier specialists will ensure that your goods arrive safely, on time and without damage.

When you work with MPC Couriers, who have years of experience and knowledge of working with frail and high value goods, you are guaranteed peace of mind because you know you have put your delivery in the right hands.

From the moment your goods are collected, you can be sure that our team will do its very best to treat your items with the utmost respect and care.

If you’re planning to send a fragile item by courier, here are 8 essential steps that you can take to prepare the goods prior to collection.

1. Use Smaller Boxes for Heavy Fragile Items

Small boxes are easier to handle and less likely to allow items to shift around inside of them when being couriered. Be sure to fill in any extra space with lots of padding,  such as newspaper or Styrofoam packing peanuts.

2. Use Study and Secure Boxes

The thicker and sturdier the box, the better. Avoid flimsy boxes at all costs, if a box has any give whatsoever before you put anything inside it, don’t use it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Secure the Bottom of the Box with Extra Strips of Tape

Extra strips of tape will help support the box better and keep it from bowing under the weight of its contents.

4. Layer the Bottom of the Box with a Soft Packing Material

You can use packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, styrofoam peanuts, or even towels to cushion the bottom of the box. Then, once the fragile item is packed, fill in the remaining empty space.

5. Pack the Heaviest Items on the Bottom

If you’re sending more than one fragile item in a single box, then layer all of the items from largest to smallest so the base of the box is well-supported and smaller items won’t get crushed.

6. Fill Hollow Items with Packing Paper

Glasses, jars, and any other items with hollow spaces should be filled with packing paper to help soften vibrations.

7. Wrap Your Fragile items Securely With Bubble Wrap

Fragile goods come in all shapes and sizes but bubble wrap is a great option for all but the very largest items. After wrapping the item, be sure to use plenty of packing tape to secure the wrapped item securely in place.

8. Take Your Time

When packing your items for collection, take your time.

Slowing down will keep you from cutting corners or making mistakes.


Preparing for a fragile delivery for delivery with MPC Couriers is easy, and it starts from the moment you first contact us.


Call us now to obtain a free quote, and we will do the rest.

Book a Same Day Fragile Items Courier Service at Discounted Prices

When you call us to book a same day courier service you can enjoy the privilege of discounted rates by booking the courier service with the MPC Couriers team.

You can talk through your options with us and choose the most appropriate vehicle to suit your requirements. Our same day express courier options offer a broad range of delivery vehicles to suit all your fragile items delivery needs.

fragile items courier service | MPC Couriers

Same Day Collection Times Within 1 Hour

With our same day courier service, we can collect your fragile item or package at a time slot selected by you.

Unlike many other courier services, when you choose to order a same day delivery service from MPC Couriers you can select a time frame that suits you for one of our drivers to come and collect from you, 100% hassle-free. This just makes life so much easier. 

Real Time Tracking

You can follow our real-time tracking once your fragile goods have been collected and follow their journey all the way to their destination, so you know exactly when they have been received. 

As the MPC delivery driver will be taking the goods from A to B you are quite welcome to share the tracking details with your recipient too, so that they know it’s on it’s way and can make sure they are at the agreed location when the delivery arrives.

Simple! We always endeavour to make your life simpler and 100% hassle-free.

anything, anywhere, anytime - same day courier | MPC Couriers

Express Delivery Service Up & Down the UK


Express Courier Service

At MPC Couriers we have the ability to fulfil the collection, delivery and shipping of orders, parcels or documents within the Same Day as your reliable Urgent Courier.

Events Courier Service

MPC Couriers are specialists in Exhibition and Events Courier Services. We pick up in 60 minutes, full tracking from start to finish, guaranteed. 100% hassle-free.

Passport Courier Service

Need an urgent Passport courier? We have all heard the stories or been in the same situation, if you need your passport we can collect within the hour and deliver anywhere in the UK.

Our Express Courier Network Serves the Whole UK


Birmingham Courier Service

MPC Couriers specialise in Same Day Express Courier Services throughout Birmingham and the UK. Pick up in 60 minutes with full tracking from start to finish, guaranteed. 100% hassle-free.

Sheffield Courier Service

MPC Couriers specialise in Same Day Express Courier Services throughout Sheffield and the UK. Pick up in 60 minutes with full tracking from start to finish, guaranteed. 100% hassle-free.

Bath Courier Service

MPC Couriers specialise in Same Day Express Courier Services throughout Bath, the West country and the UK. Pick up in 60 minutes with full tracking from start to finish, guaranteed. 100% hassle-free.